Apple Watch Series 5 Review

Apple Watch Series 5 Review



Smartwatches are becoming really an absolute necessity nowadays. But purchasing the Smartwatch which best suits your need has turned into a much challenging proposition because of wide range available in the market including Apple Watch Series 5.

Each smartwatch has its own USP and choosing a smartwatch which fulfills your expectations and need, still remains a task.

Apple has done an incredible job in designing Series 5 Watch as well as including lots of features & bigger display screen with thin bezels.

Apple Watch Series 5 is on of the Best Smartwatch you can buy in India. Let’s take an in-depth look on it’s features & functionalities.

Quick Specifications:

  • Available in 40mm & 44mm variants.
  • 2 Variants – GPS | GPS + Cellular.
  • 10.7mm thin.
  • 368×448 pixels Amoled Display at 326 ppi.
  • S5 with 64-bit dual-core processor.
  • 32GB of Internal Storage.
  • 285 mAh Li-ion Battery lasts upto 18 hours.
  • Always-On Display
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Compass
  • Fall Detection


Apple Watch Series 5 is for sure one of the Best Smartwatch launched in India. Apple has introduced various new features & ultimate always-on display with this series. Design wise there are no significant changes but surely have lots of upgrades in apps & features.

Apple Watch Series 5 Designs

Design and Build Quality

Built from a single piece of aluminium, the Apple watch 5 offers the perfect & high quality finish which a smartwatch could offer. The style & magnificent finish of the Apple Watch Series 5 are best as Apple left nothing unchecked to guarantee perfection.

The style is a bit upgraded from the Apple Watch Series 4 with regards to the display bezels which happens to be thinner this time. The new sapphire glass is upgraded to provide better scratch resistance and retains the screen in spotless state regardless of how abrasive you are likely to use the watch.

Apple Watch Series 5 Options


The Apple Watch Series 5 is powered by all-new dual-core S5 chip which delivers 50% faster processing speed than the previous version. This high performance processor has enabled Apple add it’s voice assistant functionality SIRI with voice feedback on Watch Series 5.


This Apple Series 5 smartwatch features a marginally bigger 1.78-inch display having 368 x 448 pixel AMOLED Screen with a pixel density of 326 ppi. The display appears sharp, feels radiant and also the brightness range is impressive. Considering that the display bezels happen to be significantly thinner, Apple was able to feature a larger screen.

The OLED display enhances the Watch OS User Interface and takes full benefit of the app environment to deliver a pleasing experience. With reducing the refresh rate of display, Apple has done a great job in enhancing the display tech.

Apple Watch Series 5 Sensor


The Apple Watch 5 comes along with 32GB of internal storage in comparison with 16GB in its earlier versions.

Battery Life

It is powered by a 285 mAh Li-ion battery which delivers upto 18 hours of screen-time on a single charge. This is spectacular taking into consideration the many sensors and features along with the new & bigger display screen.

Other Features

This smartwatch now has the capability to acquire ECG, however the functionality is reported to be launched over a future date via a software update.

Watch the Apple Watch 5 full features & reviews in the below video

Coming to conclusion, Apple Watch Series 5 is the best smartwatch in India money can buy. With the upgraded thin bezel, ultimate designs & with loads of apps & features this watch is probably best in class. 

  • Larger Screen
  • Always-On Display
  • Lots of Features
  • Build Quality & Design
  • Low Battery Backup
  • Expensive


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What to look for when buying a Smartwatch?

Smartwatch is a relatively new topic in India for a buy, and probably everyone is sceptical while making their purchases. So, here is a buying guide for you to help you pick one smartwatch you need. The buying guide below will discuss the basic functionality of a smartwatch, and what you must expect in a watch you pay to buy. This guide aims at making your purchase, one not to regret after a well-informed decision.


Smartwatches have different connectivity. Some connect to only Android or only IOS or both. Smartwatches with compatibility are a must. One that connects easily with both the highly used and preferred operating system is the one user must choose to buy for a safer side. The multiple connectivities allow you to use your smartwatch with a different type of phone when you upgrade or change.


Battery performance is a critical concern in smartwatches. Wearable design and smart features make compromises on battery and later battery life with usage. Smart options with good battery backups are available in the market. Option with wireless charging through smartphones in case of emergencies is also a feature to be considered.


A friendly interface is what a user seeks in any smart device. Smartwatches are meant for quick, and one hand access as you will be wearing it on the other. Therefore, a tool easily accessible by your one hand with smooth screen touch and gestures will be advised for your buy. Side switches and voice commands are also the features a user must look into while buying.


The primary reason to buy a smartwatch can be fitness or remote access to the content of one’s smartphone. A smartwatch must provide access to the content of your phone like calls, messages, emails, alarms, and various others without the need of you to access your phone again and again. A smartwatch with notifications of multiple apps, emails, calls, Google assistant, voice search, and fitness will be an optimum choice for buying.


Features are the things which make devices distinguishable otherwise they are the same in one category intended for some use. Therefore, the characteristics of a smartwatch play a key role in deciding for you to buy it or not. Features in a smartwatch like calling, call receiving, replying to messages, app notifications, email reading, and fitness tracker should be there for you to make most of it.


Safety comes to mind when you pay a huge some of the money in any smart device. A water-proof, dust-proof build can ensure a long life of such a device. Smartwatches intended for a physical check on health must be shockproof and temperature resistant to accompany users during workouts or physical activity faultlessly. The metal body with sturdy straps must enter your checklist to buy a smartwatch for it to last long.


When you call a watch a smartwatch, you expect it to look smart and perform smart. Therefore, the design has always been a critical concern while investing much money. You expect it to look the way a smartwatch should look. Therefore, a design that complements your style and wrist size is best for you. There are plenty of options to choose, like sporty, sophisticated, feminine, and others with changeable options like wrist band, face, and skin. So, look around and surely you will find one which suits your taste and look too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which smartwatch should I buy?

A smartwatch that suits your needs is the one; you should consider buying. An Apple watch is best preferred for an iPhone user, whereas Android users must go for Google OS option. Health and fitness monitoring or work-related app notifications, your needs should be the base of your decision to purchase.

2. Can you make a phone call from a smartwatch?

Yes, new smartwatches allow you to make and receive a call. The feature depends on the watch and its functions. Smartwatches with inbuilt speakers and memory also keep your favorite contacts stored to make a call. The audio clarity and receiver quality is still a limitation in many watches with the feature, but they serve the purpose. However, not many watches allow you to make a call and answer them through your watch. You can make a call and receive but, after it, you need to take your phone to further talk on the call.

3. Can I text from my smartwatch?

Yes, you can reply to a text and even WhatsApp from your smartwatches. However, that depends upon the features and functionality of your smartwatch. Voice commands, suggestion texts, and even keypads are available for you to type text on your smartwatches. Smartwatches offer hassle-free text alerts and reply options for the same. However, many smartwatches have only read text features and don’t support the reply option or have limited functions for replies.

4. What’s the best Samsung smartwatch?

Galaxy watch is the best Samsung smartwatch available in the market. As the watch is the newest model offered by Samsung before the Active range, the watch is loaded with many features more than its previous S variants. The Galaxy watch has 39+ fitness monitoring functions plus the facility to make and receive calls along with on watch storage of contacts, songs, and even pictures. The device

5. What can you do with an Apple watch?

Apple watch is capable of all the features of a smartwatch like phone connectivity, alerts and notification, and fitness monitoring. Apple watches in GPS variants help you receive and make calls with your iPhone in connectivity range with access to fitness tracking options and a lot more. However, Apple watches in Cellular variants allow you to ditch your iPhone. It will enable you to make and receive a call and all other features without the presence of your iPhone. The cellular variant shares the cellular plan of your iPhone with the help of sim-like technology present in the watch.

6. What is the difference between Apple Watch Series 3 GPS and GPS cellular?

As discussed earlier, the GPS+Cellular version of an Apple watch allows you to use your watch without the presence of your iPhone. It enables you to make and receive calls along with other notifications without your iPhone in the range or at any other place. It is possible due to the cellular receptor which shares your phones cellular plan. The GPS variant needs your iPhone in the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range to connect to the calls and to receive a notification. GPS variants cannot work independently like the cellular version.

7. Do all watches require a sim card?

No, not every smartwatch requires a sim card. Alternatively, to be more accurate, not every smartwatch support a sim card. Practical smartwatches connected with your phone and provides you with the content and information like notification for calls and text and other monitoring and storage of the data. Whereas, cellular variants of Apple watch support a sim card, which is another technology that shares the same cellular number of your phone and also works without the iPhone. Some other smartwatches with sim cards are just like mini phones on your wrist. They allow insertion of a sim card and similar functionalities of a phone but with various performance limitations.

8. What are some practical use of a smartwatch?

Smartwatches offer limited uses but significantly important. The practical uses of your smartwatch are fitness monitoring and health check on the go. The notifications of calls and text on your wrist spare you from taking out your phone now and then. The inbuilt GPS of many smartwatches keeps track of you and your loved ones and also help you with directions.

9. Is my mobile phone compatible with every smartwatch?

Not every phone is compatible with every smartwatch. A smartwatch is consistent with one or more operating systems with compatible versions of the system it is built for programmed according. The smartphone can be compatible with the very and later versions of the operating system.

10. Why do I buy a smartwatch?

Buying a smartwatch is a personal preference. However, if you are into fitness or have a hectic lifestyle of work, then a smartwatch is a must for you. A smartwatch helps you keep pace with your work through an active notification on your wrist. It helps you not to miss any call, text, and emails. It becomes relatively easy to keep a note of everything just by one hand. For fitness and health monitoring, nothing gets better than a smartwatch, which maintains an active watch on your activity and fitness with lots and lots of fitness options.

Final Verdict

A smartwatch is a luxury and leisure which offers lots of convenient options to get handy with your communication and health. It is also a necessity for the fitness and health enthusiast and the ones with hectic lifestyles of work or home. A smartwatch makes things simple for you to track on your wrist, and it is where it becomes smart and a smart choice to buy to add convenience to your lifestyle.

Buying a smartwatch can be a fuzzy decision, but the segments offer you a pretty clear area to choose your type. Smartwatches as in the list above are hybrids and fitness-centric, which makes it possible to choose yours. However, they offer a lot of other things then there type therefore select the one which fits best according to your needs. Go for a sports watch if you are actively into sports or choose an elegant piece for your workplace which keeps you updated with work and health both. In the end, smartwatches offer you smart connectivity and quick reliance for your health and fitness monitoring as a reason to buy.