Best Cordless Drill Machine in India – 2020

Looking for a best drilling machine for home use or for your work? You are at the right place!

Searching the right tool for your trade is not an easy job. There are lots of things to take into consideration before deciding to buy the best drilling machine for your home or work.

You might be looking for high speed or power or you might be looking for lightweight model or a power drill that does it all and fits your budget. A power drill is a great utility device and should be always handy at home. Whatever may be your case, we have got selection of best drills to choose from.

1. Black & Decker EPC12K2 12-Volts Cordless Drill

The Sony HT-RT3 comes with a soundbar, two rear speakers and a subwoofer. Setting it up takes very little time with your TV with an HDMI cable and when it comes to connecting all the components to the sub-woofer frame all you need to do is match the colour codes of wires.

It can also be set up with a Blue-Ray player too. So you really don’t have to wait for an engineer from Sony to come and set it up for you at your home.

The system boasts of a total output of 600W Dolby Digital surround sound eco-system.

It comes with Sony’s S-Master digital amplifier that helps the speakers on the soundbar produce a distortion free result even at loud volumes.

The remote interface of this home theater system is fairly simple to use. Overall, the sound output is fantastic for the price range it is Sony HT-RT3 is placed in.

2. Dewalt DCD700C2-IN 12V MAX

JBL offers an exciting range of soundbars. If the JBL 5.1 is a premium offering, the JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar should qualify as a mid-range product. Nevertheless, it is a powerful soundbar capable of delivering an impressive performance.

The four 2.25-inch midrange drivers, along with the two 1.25-inch tweeters and the 6.5-inch wireless subwoofer, provide a complete package. Use an HDMI cable or an optical cable to connect it to your LED and sit back to enjoy a fantastic audio performance.

his soundbar has an output of 300W, making it one of the most powerful speakers available in the market. The designing of the soundbar is impressive with its black matte finish capable of hiding dust and even fingerprints.

Though it delivers an immersive sound performance, it does not support the latest vertical sound codecs like Dolby Atmos.

The wireless subwoofer is a welcome addition as it provides high-quality bass. It connects to the soundbar beautifully without any wires, thereby enhancing the overall appearance of your drawing room.

3. Cheston 10 mm Keyless Chuck 12V Cordless Drill

the Sony HT-X8500 is a 2.1-channel soundbar with a built-in subwoofer, but it promises a lot more — Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and virtual 7.1.2-channel surround sound are all on its list of features. 

The HT-X8500 is a self-contained audio system. There’s no separate wireless subwoofer, nor extraneous wireless surround speakers. It’s a smart, singular soundbar designed to fit just about anywhere.

There are touch-sensitive buttons for power, source selection, Bluetooth, and volume control, and six indicator lights for Atmos, DTS:X, Vertical Surround, TV, HDMI, and Bluetooth. 

You get an HDMI (version 2.2) input, HDMI output (which supports HDMI ARC and eARC), optical audio input, and an input for power.

It’s possible to place the HT-X8500 soundbar on a table in front of your TV, or wall-mount it right below a wall-mounted TV.

The Sony HT-X8500 isn’t a premium soundbar by any means, but it is a decent mid-range option that would go well with most TVs and suit most everyday use cases.

4. Bosch GSB 180-LI 18V Cordless Impact Drill

The USP of the Bar 5.1 is that its surround speakers are entirely cable-free.

The surround speakers recharge when they are connected to the sound bar. A full charge gives you full surround sound for up to 10 hours of binge watching. Deep bass is provided by the down-firing 10-inch subwoofer.

The bar is slim enough to fit under most TVs on a stand, but JBL included a bracket for wall-mounting. They even threw in brackets for the surround speakers. 

You’ll find convenient home theater connections to go with this system’s bona fide home theater performance. There are three 4K/HDR-ready HDMI inputs and one output for connecting the latest gear. Or you can simply connect your TV using the single included optical digital audio cable.

On top are four manual buttons for power, volume and input source. Around the back are a number of different inputs, three HDMI ports, one USB, one AUX, and one optical. 

The JBL Bar 5.1 can also be paired to a device over Bluetooth for wireless music playing. A button on the remote allows you to easily swap backwards and forwards between a wired and Bluetooth connection.

5. Black & Decker MT218K-GB

The HT-S350’s main unit is a relatively modest bar with a black contour featuring touch-sensitive buttons. The buttons are for power, TV (optical source), Bluetooth source, and volume, as well as indicators for MultiChannel, TV, or Bluetooth modes.

As for connectivity, the HT-S350 has an HDMI (ARC) output and an optical input, with an optical cable included. The sound bar can be mounted to the wall; a mounting guide is included, but no mounting brackets.

You get an oblong, 6.2-inch, black remote, which has buttons along the top section for power, TV and Bluetooth source, and a number of sound modes including Auto, Cinema, Music, Night, and Voice. 

For a 2.1 soundbar system at this price, the Sony HT-S350 is a steal. The various audio modes and subwoofer levels allow for plenty of fine-tuning, but things already sound pretty great to begin.

6. Bosch GDR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver

Yamaha is an old hand at manufacturing some of the best consumer electronics appliances. However, the Yamaha YAS-207BL soundbar and subwoofer combo is a new introduction.

The design might appear to be a slim one, but it packs a solid punch with its exceptional sound quality. It has all the qualities one expects an excellent soundbar to have such as DTS, Bluetooth connectivity, and an app to control it.

The Yamaha YAS 207BL comes with an HDMI option to connect to your smart devices. It also supports 4K with 60Hz and HDR. Thus, it is compatible with the latest TV sets you find in the market.

The highlighting feature of Yamaha YAS 207BL is its sound quality. It may not appear flashy, but it provides soothing sound through its wirelessly connected subwoofer.

The music is powerful enough for a large-sized living room. The Yamaha YAS 207BL supports Dolby Digital and is also compatible with DTS Virtual 3D Surround Sound. This feature appeals to compulsive gamers, as it delivers an immersive performance. The Yamaha YAS 207BL is the world’s first soundbar with DTS Virtual.

7. iBELL BM18-60 20V Brushless Impact Driver Drill

This soundbar comes with patented Polk Audio Adjust technology to customise sound levels and reproduce dialogues in the best possible manner.

This soundbar is compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth, thereby ensuring that there are no connectivity issues when it comes to streaming music. 

When it comes to sound delivery, Polk Audio should rank among the best because of its ability to combine Dolby and DTS to deliver excellent quality. Therefore, your sports, music, or movies can keep you enthralled.

As far as appearances are concerned, this soundbar is one of the most elegant-looking devices in town. It gels beautifully with your TV and other furniture in the drawing-room.

Apart from providing some of the best sounds, the Polk Audio AM9644-A has other aspects of sharing with the Bose soundbars. Yes, we are referring to the built-in Amazon Alexa feature. Thus, controlling the music is not in your hands now but in your voice.

8. MAKITA Hp331Dwye 12V

The Bose Soundbar 700 brings with it an attractive, elegant premium design and fantastic sound output.

The Bose 700 features QuietPort technology to ensure distortion-free bass. The ADAPTIQ audio calibration optimises the device’s acoustic performance to match the size of your room, thereby delivering the highest quality of listening experience.

When it comes to connectivity options, the soundbar has an HDMI port for ARC connectivity, but sadly there is no HDMI pass-through option which is disappointing at this price point. The Bose Soundbar 700 also has an Optical input, USB input CEC, and of course a port for the ADAPTiQ headset.

The soundbar also supports Alexa voice controls so you don’t need to find your smartphone or remote control if you want to change the track or increase/decrease the volume.  

Speaking of the design of the soundbar, it is available in two colours – black and white. The top of the soundbar is tempered glass and despite looking extremely elegant, is prone to gathering dust easily.

Buying Guide to Buy Best Cordless Drill Machine in India

There are varieties of drilling machines of different types, sizes, brands and functions. Some of them are for professional use; cost more and some are very handy, costs less yet performs all household repairing. To narrow down your searches we shall be discussing their features, functions depending on your purpose of use. This buying guide is going to be an assortment of all the things you must consider before you just go and determine buying something without proper knowledge.

1. Types of Drills

Drills come in different varieties depending upon their functions.

  • Drill Drivers: The most basic type of drills with dual functionality – drills holes and acts as screwdrivers (for loosening and tightening screws). Useful for simple tasks like putting up shelves or assembling DIY furniture.
  • Combination Drills: These slightly advanced drills have triple functionality – drills holes act as screwdrivers and also acts as a hammer drill for very hard surfaces like concrete.
  • Rotary Hammer Drills/SDS Drills: SDS (Self Direct System) drills are meant for heavy-duty drilling through concrete or masonry. These are slightly bulkier but are multifunctional and can be used for chiselling too.
  • Hammer Drills/Percussion Drills: These are the most advanced and powerful drills, especially suited for extra heavy duty drilling through hard rock or masonry. The rotation plus drill functions work together, making it more powerful than SDS drills.

2. Corded Drills Vs Cordless Drills


The first and foremost decision to make while buying a drilling machine is between corded and cordless. They both have some advantages and disadvantages, depending on your usage.

  • Cordless drills– they are more convenient to use. They are lighter than the cordless one and offers high mobility. You can use them anywhere without the struggle of power cords. You can avoid tripping over cords so they are quite safe.

The high powered ones (18-24v) can be heavy or even heavier than the corded ones. Usually, 12-18v is enough for all kind of homeowner’s works and 4-8 volts can perform lighter duties cordless screwdrivers.

A cordless drilling machine’s battery requires charging from time to time. You may want to keep a separate battery so you can work while it gets charged and you don’t run out of power that way. Their battery life is also limited. The costliest will last up to 2-3 years max.

Be careful with the battery they come with, Lithium-Ion batteries are always superior compared to Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries. They are more powerful, lasts long, contain less harmful metal elements. Also, look at amp-hours, more amp-hours and more volts batteries run a long time but the battery life will always depend on how much it functions, what material it works with and battery charge level.

  • Corded drills- they are more powerful and often lighter than cordless drills with similar functionalities. Steady power supply runs the device for a greater time and never stops because of low battery charge. An amp-hour rating denotes the power of a corded drill. They are often cheaper than cordless drills. But again the power cord gets in the way restricting the area of working and portability. You will require an extension cord when working with a corded drill machine.

3. Chuck


Chunk is the metal shaft of a drilling machine that holds the bits (the metal part that makes the hole) together. They come in different types and sizes.

  • Sizes of chucks- 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch are the standard sizes. 1/4 chuck size is suitable for light duties, 3/8 is the most popular size, ideal for almost all work around the house and fits a wide range of different sized bits. However, if you want big diameter drilling machine for heavier applications, go for 1/2 inch chunks, as 3/8 inch drill will not accept several larger bits.
  • Types of chucks– there are two types of chucks in a drilling machine, namely Keyed Chuck and un-keyed chuck. They keyed chuck uses a mechanical key to loosen and tighten the drilling machine bits and in un-keyed chucks, you have to hold the chuck in your hands and the bits get tighten as you power the drill.

4. Power

A good drilling machine should possess the power to penetrate through masonry and other hard surfaces. Average drilling machines have a customary 500-watt power, they can perform almost all household repairs, but you can buy lesser power machines with 450 watts if your needs are limited. While you will get some more powerful machines ranging between 600-700 watts for professional use to drill through metal substances.

5. Size and Weight of the Drill

A drilling machine is a hand-held tool used for boring holes in various materials. Hence, the size and weight of the drill are important factors while choosing which product to purchase, depending on your requirement. Smaller ergonomic drills are more comfortable to use around the house while bulky drills are more suitable for heavy duty usage.

6. Other Important Features

  • Reverse– it is used to get the stuck bits out of the surfaces. If your bit gets stuck inside the woods or concretes and you can’t pull it out by strength, put the machine in reverse mode and it will come out easily. It is a must-have feature in case you are not using the machine only for driving screws. A keyless chuck will have reverse by default but for others, check properly before buying.
  • RPM & Impact rate- more the RPM (revolution per minute) level smoother the drilling becomes. Also, drilling machines with better impact rate ensures better penetration. Most of the devices match the standard RPM level and Impact rate, but if you want top-notch functionality you should consider these factors.
  • A Torque Clutch- it is a must look-into feature if you use the machine for driving screws.  With the help of a clutch, you can select maximum torque level after which the drilling will stop. This is used to prevent from driving the screws too deep into something. Low torque and high speed is for drilling soft materials and high torque lower speed for hard materials.
  • Gear- for multipurpose use go for a driller with more than one gear. First gear works well for driving screws and the second one is for actual drilling with higher speeds.

7. Additional features

While buying a drilling machine suitable for your use, look for additional features as hammering mode or screw-driver mode. A hammering mode is useful to crack some surfaces while a screw-driver mode is ideal for tightening the screws more effectively. It completely depends on what purpose you will be using it.

8. Drill or Kit:

The whole drilling kit comprises a bunch of tools for all kind of repairing works. It is much expensive, whereas a single drilling machine costs less as it comes with only some bits, key, chunks and sufficient for household requirements. First, decide which one you really need and save yourself from splurging over non-required things.

9. Price

Most of the drills with basic features cost around 200, some with added features for expert use can cost you 2500 or above. If you are not a professional, these may not work for you; consider buying the basic ones instead. If you need to buy the full kit along with hammer, pliers and wrench it will cost not less than 5000 and sometimes more.

10. Brand & Warranty

A good brand comes with the superior build quality, reliability and top-notch performance. A reputable brand will always offer a decent warranty period. While purchasing drilling machines try to go for the ones which provide at least 6 months of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to maintain my drill?

As it is a power tool, there are simple ways to maintain your drill. The basic step is to keep your drill clean and free from any type of leftover dust and debris. It may not be an easy task as drills are used in so many different scenarios and applications. You can use a blow gun to blow away any debris and fragments. Alternatively, always check the carbon brushes inside the tool from time to time. Carbon brushes are a part of any power tool which depletes with age and use. You can use a slotted screwdriver to check if it is fine

2. I get a burning smell while using my drill. Why is it happening?

This is a very common thing among drilling machines. If you get a burning smell while using the drilling machines, it basically suggests that the motor is being overly stressed or overheating. This is applicable not only in drills but also in any power tools. This can also be an indication that the drill is being used on something that it isn’t meant for or used incorrectly. This occurs when the motor’s fans are not able to cool the motor windings fast enough leading to overheating and melting of varnish coating. It is not an alarming situation though. If you get the smell again, just withdraw it from whatever you are working on and leave the machine running. This will give time to the motors to cool down the windings and you can start working again as usual.

3. How to ensure that I don’t overload my drill every time?

To prevent any type of overloading on your drill, you must ensure that you reduce the cutting load. It can be done in the following ways:
i) Use one or more pilot drills.
ii) You can use lubricants for cutting and cooling.
iii) Maintain quality standards and use sharp drills and accessories.
iv) Slow down speed or change gears.
v) Don’t force the drill; let the drill do its work on its own.
vi) Regular cleaning and maintenance

4. My drill always gets stuck while drilling. Taking it out is a big headache! What shall I do?

This is a very common issue among users who are new to drilling. Most drills have a reverse option. If you are stuck on a wooden or a concrete surface, it is advised to use the reverse option in drills. What it does is that, it simply reverses back you to the initial position. So, you don’t have to pull anything out, the drill will pull itself out smoothly and you will never get stuck. Almost all drilling machines have this option, but you must check it on your user manual.

5. My drill isn’t working properly, what will I do now?

If your drill isn’t working right, you must enquire if your tool is still under warranty. If it is indeed under warranty, go to the place of purchase immediately and they will do the required things. If it isn’t under warranty, unfortunately, it is better you go to any agent for repairing or buy a new drill altogether. Most people choose the latter!

6. I need a drill machine to do all my basic household repairs and needs. What power rating is suitable?

A basic 450-500 watts drilling machine is perfectly suitable for any type of household work like drilling through wood, driving screws and simple repairs. Keep in mind; go for something that is ergonomic and easily portable or else it will be very messy and cumbersome to do any work.  Fortunately, most of the machines these days are designed well and comes with a lot of useful features.

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