Best Hair Dryers in India

Hair Dryers and Hair Straighteners are essential devices for women and men who like to style their hair. It is very important to choose among the Best Hair Dryers in India that is most suitable for your hair type.

With Hair Dryers, it is possible to easily blow dry your hair once you wash them. Most women make use of a Hair Dryer to attain a glossy and straight appearance of hair.

Regardless of what your hair styling requirements are, you would like to choose the right hair dryer which is mild on your hair. Even if you are a busy person and do not have plenty of time but want perfectly styled hair, choosing the right and trustworthy hair dryer is the most important thing.

There are various Brands in India that offers an impressive range of Hair Dryers with several features and functions. Often there is a variety of hair dryers that you could pick from based on the materials, weight, output and power among additional features that could make the use of hair dryer easy and convenient.

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This informative article reviews the Best Hair Dryers in India basis their performance. To make sure you only pick the Best Hair Dryers, we’ve highlighted their features along with their positive points as well as downsides and the links to purchase them.

1. Remington D5000 Hair Dryer

Remington D5000 - Best Hair Dryer in India

The Remington D5000 is a compact but powerful Hair Dryer from Remington that changes from styling to drying pretty quick and effortless. 

The Remington D5000 Chrome Hair Dryer is the perfect equipment to bring along inside your bags for the weekend outings and holidays or for the folks which would rather maintain a slight counter space.

Designed with the Ionic Conditioning Technology,the Remington D5000 doesn’t makes your hair rough mainly because it locks and contains the hair moisture and keeps them smooth and glossy look. 

Equipped with 2 speed control settings and 3 temperature settings for the effective drying for the individual needs. 

It delivers Salon like drying without any much efforts and is hassle-free. Additionally, it’s been equipped with energy saving settings for saving power.

It comes with 2 years limited manufacturer’s warranty and has the input voltage range of 125-240 volts.

What we like: 

  • Ionic conditioning
  • With detachable nozzle
  • Suitable for hair drying & styling
  • 2 Speed & 3 Heat Settings
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • Not Foldable

2. Wahl 5439-024 Super Dry Hair Dryer

Wahl 5439 Hair Dryer

The Wahl Super Dry Professional is one of the Best Hair Dryers in India and meant for users who need and looking for a professional hair drying & styling device. Together with the Super Dry technology, this hair dryer is designed to deliver excellent management over the shape, frizz, and hairstyle. 

Built with Wahl’s Ionic technology, this hair dryer will certainly give you a smooth, sleek & glossy results on each and every use.

Making use of this hair dryer’s concentrator, you could blow-dry and have the required hairstyle conveniently & the diffuser is going to supplement the hair’s volume through the roots. 

Finally, we can certainly claim that this hair dryer is the best device your hair deserve which is easy to operate and is effortless. Moreover, it comes with 2 Heat & 3 Speed settings to adjust the Airflow and Heat as per your choice. 

Included along are the 3 attachments – 2 Nos. Concentrators and 1 Nos. Diffuser that allow convenient and easy styling of all types of hair.

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What we like: 

  • With Tourmaline Technology
  • With 3 Attachments
  • Suitable for hair drying & styling
  • 2 Speed & 3 Heat Settings
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • Slightly Heavy

3. CARRERA 531 Professional Hair Dryer

Carrera 531 Professional Hair Dryer

Carrera No. 531 is one of the most advanced Hair Dryers currently available in the market. It’s lightweight and just weighs 576 grams (with styling nozzle) for easy handling. 

Made up with Titanium Ceramic Coating for rigidity, corrosion resistance and to operate under extreme temperature for effective working.

Equipped with the advanced Ionic technology, it feeds ions directly intro the air stream constantly which results in smooth outer cuticles for a smoother, healthier and lustrous hair look. 

It also comes with styling nozzle for extra powerful sir flow design for precision & diffuser for optimal air flow while styling. 

It’s high power 240 Watts DC motor uses propellers for better acceleration of air flow and rotates faster for best optimized air for drying. 

The cool shot button for quick cool air flow towards the end of the styling. It’s backed with Carrera’s 1 year warranty and is among the best hair dryers in India.

What we like: 

  • Excellent Design
  • Lightweight
  • 2 Attchments included
  • 2 Speed & 3 Heat Settings
  • Cool Shot Button
  • 1 Year Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • Too many features, needs proper manual reading.

4. Panasonic EH-ND11-P62B 1000W Hair Dryer

Panasonic ND11 Hair Dryer in India

Now, it’s time to present the compact and prominent hair dryer from Panasonic to complement the particular prerequisites of anyone. With this particular hair dryer, you can receive the salon-like hair-styling actually in your home using the variable controls and new features. 

This hair dryer enables you to put together also the most difficult hairstyles along with a great deal of ease. This Panasonic Hair Dryer comes equipped with the twin speed and temperature adjustments to provide appropriate outcomes for unique desires.

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Making use of this hair dryer, it has become really easy to switch over from one mode to another by simply flicking the button provided on its handle. 

Additionally, this hair dryer has got an efficient turbo mode that creates continuous and powerful airflow which could dry your hair excellently in a breeze. 

The high speed setting of this hair dryer could be useful to lock-in the frizzy hair and provide prominent drying.

What we like: 

  • Ease of Use
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Dual Speed & Heat Settings
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • -

5. Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer

Philips HP810 Hair Dryer India

Philips, is a renowned Band when it comes to grooming products and when we talk about Hair Dryers, HP8100/46 is one of the Best Hair Dryers in India that is affordable and lives up to the expectations.

It is smartly designed as a compact and lightweight hair dryer which makes it convenient to carry and easy to use. 

There are 2 speed setting (low and high) given that assist you adjust in accordance with your hair type. To carry out the drying, the Philips hair dryer works by using 1000-watts of power which is ideal and reliable for daily use.

Even though it is inexpensive, this hair dryer provides exceptional overall performance to the end users. 

The Thermo protect function offers ideal drying temperature and provides extra protection against overheating of the hair. 

Additionally, with the advanced concentrator technology along with a quick-heat head for constant and consistent flow of air to dry up your hair that are shiny and frizz-free.

The Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer is supported with 2-years warranty from the date of purchase.

What we like: 

  • Advanced Concentrator Technology
  • Compact & Ergonomic Design
  • Thermo Protect Temperature Setting
  • 2 flexible heat settings
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • No Cool Air Feature
  • Available in one color only

6. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer in India

Dyson is a Premium Hair Care Appliances Brand with the global presence. One of the Best Hair Dryers in India, this Hair Dryer is equipped with an Intelligent Heat Control Technology that main the temperature for optimal heating thus preventing damage due to excessive heat.

The 3 Speed Settings (Regular, Styling and Fast) and 4 Heat Settings allow users to choose the best one as per their requirements. The heat protection system measures air temperature and regulates the heat to avoid hair damage.

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There are 3 magnetic attachment which comes along with the Hair Dryer for quick Styling. This Hair Dryer is easy to handle and lightweight primarily because the motor is placed innovatively in the middle to improve balance while using. 

What we like: 

  • Negative Ion Technology
  • Intelligent Heat Control System
  • 3 Magnetic Attachments
  • 4 Heat & 3 Speed Settings
  • Built-in Heat Protection
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • Price
  • Holding Dock is not included

7. Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine 1200 W Hot and Cold Hair Dryer

Nova NHP8100 Hair Dryer

Nova Hair Dryer comes with Ion conditioning technology that releases ions to remove frizz, seals the roots and retains the hair shine utilizing the vital natural skin oils. 

Advanced EHD technique spreads the correct quantity of heat and helps prevent hair damage.

The Nova Hair Dryer incorporates protection from overheating and there are 2 heat settings to adjust the flow of hair for all types of hair. The hot and cold feature allows you to dry the hair while styling just by push of a button.

it allows for fast drying via the thermo protect temperature setting to the perfect temperature when conditioning the hair. 

The concentrator nozzle attachment is utilized to have a centered flow of air to straighten and style your hair. It also dries your hair up to 20% faster than other hair dryers..

Overall performance of this hair dryer is fantastic mainly because it distributes the hot air flow uniformly over the hair. Furthermore, the Hair Dryer is supported with one year of warranty from the manufacturer.

What we like: 

  • Easy to Use
  • Compact & Foldable Design
  • Hot & Cold Air Flow
  • 2 Heat Settings
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • Little Noisy

8. Philips Professional Thermoprotect Ionic HP 8232

This beautiful looking Hair Dryer comes from Professional Range of Hair Dryers made by Philips. 

This Hair Dryer is highly advanced with Thermo protect technology, a 14mm nozzle for styling, 2200 Watt powerful motor and a volume diffuser all packed into one brilliantly crafted Hair Dryer. 

The Ionic conditioning provides instant care with negation charged Ions to eliminate statics ensuring smooth, shinier & glossy hair.  The powerful 2200 Watts motor is sufficient to dry & style any kind of hair, be it curly, soft, frizzy or hard.  

It’s equipped with variable speed and heat settings which allows full control over the Hair Dryer. A Cool Shot Button for intense burst of cool air once your styling is complete for the ultimate hair perfection. 

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The package includes a slim nozzle for targeted flow of hair for precise hair styling. Backed with 2 years’ Philips warranty this Hair Dryer is a must to go for.

What we like: 

  • Ionic Conditioning
  • Thermo Protect Technology
  • Hot & Cold Air Flow
  • 6 Speed & Heat Settings
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • Single Color Option

9. Havells HD3201 1500W Iconic Hair Dryer

Havells HD3201 Hair Dryer

The Havells HD3201 hair dryer delivers an excellent equilibrium for drying and styling, helps make the hair frizz-free. It’s among the Best Hair Dryers in India that is easy to use, compact and durable, meant for long time uses.

It provides a gentle flow of air to make hair smoother and shinier. The new heat balance technology makes certain that the air distribution is perfect to prevent hair damage from overheating. 

It also comes with a detachable nozzle that enables you to set the flow of air in the required direction for effective utilization.

By taking off the nozzle, this Hair Dryer throws hot air to the highest distance.The Cool air feature gets activated when the temperature is set in low setting.

The overall performance of Havells hair dryer is excellent and most effective for small, medium or long hair. Additionally, it helps to keep the hair appear stunning, healthy and balanced and shields from dandruff and excessive heat.

What we like: 

  • Heat Balance
  • Foldable Design with Hook
  • Concentrator with Fixed Nozzle
  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • Protection from Overheating
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • Not Suitable for rough hair

10. VEGA Blooming Air 1000 Hair Dryer

Vega Blooming Hair Dryer in India

Vega blooming air is among the Best Hair Dryers in India that is perfect for daily use. Styling your hair is easy with this Hair Dryer due to incorporated quick-drying technology which takes lesser time than other Dryers. Equipped to provide Hot and Cool airflow, it’s convenient and versatile.

It comes with a detachable nozzle that allows to control the flow of air to the targeted section for quick drying and styling purposes. 

It’s compact, lightweight and with the foldable handle, it’s easy to carry around in the bag or during the travel.

One of the other important feature it comes with is the automatic overheat cut-off feature that protects te dryer from overheating and eventually damaging the hair. It’s a safety feature which can be useful during overheating. 

There’s a removable cap at the end to clean the dust from internal parts of the Hair Dryer.

The cord is meant for longer use, is protected by cord-guard and has a cord hook as well for easy storage after use. It comes with manufacturers 2 years warranty.

What we like: 

  • Hot & Cool Air Flow
  • Quick Drying Technology
  • Overheat Auto Cutout
  • Removable End Cap
  • 2 Years Warranty

What we don’t: 

  • No Heat Settings

That’s all folks! We hope your search for Best Hair Dryers in India is complete and you’ve zeroed on the one you liked the most!

Keep watching this space for more Information, News & Reviews!

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