Best Laptops under 25000 in India – May 2020

A laptop is a necessity for every professional or student, and you’re sure to look for a model that not only offers high processing speed but is also available at a reasonable cost. The way to shop smart is to remember that the number of features provided by the laptop must justify its price. If you have an old laptop that does not satisfy your needs, then it’s time to upgrade to a new one.

Among hundreds of options available in the Markets or Online Portals, we have shortlisted few of them. 

Below is the list of Best Selling Laptops under Rs 25000 in India. 

1. HP 14 14q-cs0018TU Pentium Gold 14-inch Laptop

2. Dell Inspiron 3565 AMD APU 15.6 inch A6 7th Gen Laptop

3. Lenovo Ideapad S145 AMD RYZEN 3 3200U 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

4. HP 15 da0389tu 15.6-inch Laptop

5. Dell New Inspiron 3595 15.6-inch Laptop

6. Dell Inspiron 3565 AMD APU 15.6 inch A6 7th Gen Laptop

7. Acer Aspire 3 A315-53-P3UE

8. ASUS VivoBook 15 X510QA-EJ102T Thin and Light Laptop

9. Lenovo V130 HD Thin and Light Laptop

10. Lenovo Ideapad 330 15.6-inch HD Laptop

Important Points while buying the Best Laptop under Rs 25000

Size of the Screen

Of course, you would love to carry your laptop with you wherever you go. Otherwise, would it have been better to invest in a PC?

The ideal laptop weight should be around 1.5 kg to approximately 2 kg for it to accompany you. Laptops come with varying screen sizes.

The bigger the screen, the more expensive is the laptop. Here is one area where you can compromise.

There is not much difference between a 14-inches and 15.6-inches screen when it comes to size. However, the pricing can vary.

Going for a 14-inch laptop screen can help you save money that you can invest in the quality of your processor or use for upgrading the RAM.

However, you should also note that the size of your laptop is not something that you can upgrade at a later stage.

Smaller screen size will also not support discrete graphics. Any screen size in the range of 14 to 15.6 inches should be fine. It makes sense to choose wisely.

Screen Quality

The screen quality depends on how you intend to use your laptop. If you are a person that uses the computer for extended hours, it is advisable to go for screens that are comfortable to your eyes.

The screen resolution is a crucial factor to look at when purchasing a laptop. Today, you get Full HD resolution (1920X1080p) in your budget. A 4K resolution screen can be out of reach.

It would be excellent of your FHD screen comes with Anti-Glare technology. It can provide excellent comfort to your eyes.

Laptop screens with IPS technology offer some of the best viewing angles. The refresh rate is a crucial aspect to consider, as well. Gamers require paying attention to such factors. It is not possible to find gaming laptops in our budget.

Quality of the keyboard

The laptop keyboard is that component of the appliance that you would use the maximum. Hence, it is better to have soft-touch keys that do not cause any strain to your fingers as you type.

The keyboard layout should be comfortable with full-sized keys. Today, many laptops provide Backlit keyboards that enable you to type comfortably in dim lighting conditions.

It is also better to have laptops that have individual keys instead of a consolidated keyboard. It is handy because it is convenient to replace individual keys as compared to replacing the entire keyboard.

If you compromise on the size of the screen, the size of the keyboard gets affected, as well.

Choose the laptop that has a separate numeric pad because people find it comfortable typing numbers on a digital pad rather than using the number keys provided at the top.

Central Processing Unit – CPU

The CPU defines the performance of your laptop. It is difficult to look beyond Intel Core i3 or i5 processors in our budget range.

Under such circumstances, it makes sense to go for the 7th or 8th generation processors to maximise the performance levels.

AMD A6 to A9 processors are also useful when it comes to performance. Gamers would love to go for the AMD Ryzen Mobile CPU. However, this processor is out of your budget, at present.

The clock speed is a critical aspect of your laptop processor. It is difficult to go beyond the base clock speed of 2.30 GHz for laptops in this budget.

The higher the base and boost clock speeds, the better is the performance of the processor.

Random Access Memory – RAM

The best aspect of RAM is that it is possible to upgrade them subsequently, as well. At present, your budget of Rs 25,000 would not allow you to think of any figure above 4GB DDR4 RAM.

Nevertheless, you can go for a laptop that will enable you to upgrade up to 16GB. Study the motherboard specifications to verify whether it is compatible with the upgrades.

A 16GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory Module

Compromising on the screen size can help you to opt for a higher configuration of RAM. It reflects on the performance of the computer.

A RAM size of 4GB is the minimum to ensure good speeds. Otherwise, you would have to wait for an eternity for the internet pages and other applications to load.


The days of 256GB and 512GB are gone. Nowadays, you have people opting for 1TB HDD as the minimum storage capacity. The prices of hard disks have also reduced over the years. Thus, it is possible to get 1TB HDD with 5400rpm in your budget of Rs 25,000.

Alternatively, you can always go for external hard drives to cater to your storage requirements.


Having a separate graphics card such as NVidia GeForce GTX cards is out of the question when you have a budget in this range of Rs 25,000.

The best option for you is the Intel Integrated Graphics if you have an Intel Core i3 or i5 processors. AMD also offers integrated graphics in laptops in this price band.

Operating System

Almost all laptops offer Windows 10 Home and Student edition OS with lifetime validity in your budget.

You should also explore options to get MS Office and other essential software in your budget.

People preferring to have Linux can opt for this OS. Some laptops come with DOS-based OS that would require you to purchase OS separately.

It can push up the overall pricing of your computer. However, it will also enable you to invest in a laptop with a better configuration.

Connectivity Ports

Your laptop has multiple uses. People work on their laptops. They use them for viewing movies and videos.

The younger generation plays games on their laptops, as well.

This appliance is an ideal one to store your photos from devices like digital cameras. People connect their smartphones to their cameras to transfer data.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to has multiple connectivity ports. Usually, a laptop in the budget range of Rs 25,000 comes with five to six ports including HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and card reader apart from the combo audio and microphone jack.

Other aspects to look at include the battery life, availability of fast chargers, and quality audio features.