Gaming Laptop Buying Guide in India – 2021

If you are looking for the best gaming laptops in India, then chances are you may stumble up so many of them. It is because the markets are crawling with so many products from different companies. However, the more comprehensive the range, the more difficult it gets to select the right gaming laptop for yourself.

I know laptops aren’t toothbrushes, which means if you buy one and don’t like it, you can change it the other day. They are quite expensive, especially when you are looking for a gaming laptop in India.

I did some research on the best laptops in India for gaming. My primary purpose was to save your time and help you by narrowing down your search space. As a result, I found some fantastic rigs that will surely do the job for you.

I have analyzed each of them and found that they are equipped with the state of the art components. Each one of these has everything that is required for running those high-end games.

Now there are some pros and cons of each laptop that I will also cover in this article. After reading it, you will be able to select the best gaming laptop in India for yourself. However, before you and I start looking at the recommendations, let’s go through some essential points.


After looking at the current prices, you might be thinking it isn’t possible to the best gaming laptop at low price in 2021. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go to buy best gaming laptops in India. Keeping these things in mind will ensure you get the best products without wasting too much money.

Know your Budget

the first and the most important thing is your total budget. If you have a decent amount of money, then you can go for anything. However, if you are a struggling entrepreneur, I would recommend going for an economical device.

After taking a look at the current gaming laptop prices in India, you might be overwhelmed, but you shouldn’t lose hope at all. It is because there are still some low hanging fruits that can give you maximum performance. All you need to do is a little bit of research, which I’ve already done for you.

With adequate research, you can find the best affordable gaming laptop in India. But the price isn’t the only factor that we need to focus on.

Do You Care About Size?

Size is one of the main factors for gaming laptops. It is because laptops aren’t built for tables. They are mobile, which means you can carry them anywhere you want. However, you should be very careful about the size of your laptop.

Gaming Laptops are quite as powerful as compared to regular computers. They have very powerful components and may include appropriate cooling systems. All these elements can add extra weight to your device. So if you are buying a gaming laptop, then you shouldn’t expect something as thin as the Apple MacBook.

It doesn’t mean that slim gaming laptops don’t exist. But I mean mostly gaming laptops are bulkier and heavy.

Consider your Main Purpose

I know you are here for the best gaming laptops in India. However, you should double-check your usage before investing your hard-earned money in a device. I mean, if you are looking for a gaming only device, then it is ok. However, if you want a laptop that can handle your business and gaming, you should be careful about your pick.

For Tasks related to Graphics designing and stuff, you will need a more powerful device. You should be very careful about other types of equipment too to make the right purchase.

Screen Size & Resolution

Screen size is another thing where most beginners fail to get the best laptop. There are so many screen sizes that completely change the purpose of a gaming laptop. If you are looking to buy a device make sure you go for a screen that isn’t too big and too small.

Gaming Laptop Screen Sizes

However, screen size isn’t the only thing that you need to consider before buying a laptop. Screen resolution is another factor that plays a vital role. Some laptop screens offer half HD display which means 720P resolutions. 

They aren’t meant for gaming at all because games have so many settings that aren’t compatible with such resolutions.

If you want a laptop for gaming purposes only make sure you get something that is at least 1080p resolutions.

For those who don’t know about the screen resolution, it is basically the number of pixels per screen. The higher the screen resolution is the clear your display will be which means more fun during games.

Another thing that you need to look for is the screen panel technology. Some laptops have LCD screens that offer viewability from very strict angles. These laptops aren’t recommended because they aren’t viewable.

In addition to this, there are more advanced technologies such as the IPS panel, etc. They offer very good viewability and provides crystal clear display to the user. You should always go for the latest technology to get the most out of your gaming laptop.

Selecting the Right GPU

The essential thing in a gaming laptop is its GPU. You should always go for something that has at least 1080Ti or above. There are mainly two GPU brands when it comes to a laptop. You can either go for the NVIDIA or the AMD.

However, it is totally up to you because both manufacturers perform well for gaming. There is a massive competition between both, so they aren’t taking any chances.

Gaming Laptop GPU


NVIDIA is a great rival and giving a tough competition to the AMD GPUs. In the early days, the AMD devices weren’t as popular as compared to the NVIDIA. It is because the company had some serious graphics cards which can survive even nowadays.

For instance, take a look at the Gtx 560 Ti. It is one of the popular GPU that ever gamer go for whenever there is a need for a graphics card. I’ve noticed that NVIDIA GPUs are specifically for gaming during all these years, as the company seems more dedicated to gaming.


In contrast to the NVIDIA GPUs, AMD isn’t lagging, especially nowadays. It is because the company has faced massive competition from 2010 to 2016. Although they are still in the battle, the company has stabilized its products with some cool features that can match the NVIDIA devices.

With that said, AMD aims to improvise the performance of the overall laptop or computer. Their GPUs are found to be working surprisingly well for rendering and editing-related tasks.

Selecting the Right Processor

CPU is the second most crucial thing that you need to look for. If you are a gamer and looking for the best gaming laptop in a low price, take a look at its CPU. If you don’t have a sound processing unit, then your computer will never perform well.

I would recommend going for the Intel 7th and above generations. As a general rule of thumb, the latest generation, the better will be its performance.

Intel CPUs

Intel is one of the oldest CPU manufacturers and I’ve known them from the IBM era. Back in the days when computers weren’t that popular the Intel was still at its peak. The company has held the market and remains the center of attention for so many years. Their processors are a bit costly but when it comes to performance you won’t find any drawbacks.


As I mentioned, early AMD has faced so many hardships before launching its state of the art CPUs. Back in the days when Ryzen CPUs weren’t around, the AMD has suffered a lot. It is because their Athlon and bulldozer CPUs were no match for the Intel Core. However, they have balanced the status with their latest CPUs.

AMD devices are usually cheaper as compared to intel, which is one of their plus points. Apart from that, they perform well in heavy-duty handling tasks such as editing or rendering.

Pick Enough Storage

The next main thing on your gaming laptop is its storage. Most modern laptops come with SSD drives. SSD is excellent because of the latest technology. It enhances the overall speed of your device, but the problem is they aren’t cheap. It means you will have to spend a little extra if you want an upgrade. Now there are two main types of storage systems used in laptops.

Gaming Laptop - HDD vs SDD

Hard Disk Drive

I am pretty sure you will be familiar with the hard disk drives. They are the oldest devices since the computer has evolved. HDDs consists of rotating disks with a certain amount of RPM.

They are cheaper and available in different capacities. You can select the right amount of storage according to your needs and desires.

Solid State Drive

SSDs are modern storage devices that come in desktops and laptops. Since they are based on microelectronic circuits they are much faster than the traditional HDDs. One of the coolest features of the SSD is faster bootup. Once you attach an SSD to your device you will notice blazing-fast turning on of your device.

However, SSDs aren’t cheap as compared to the traditional HDD devices. They cost a fair amount I mean for round about 10 to 15 thousand INR you will get a few hundred GBs. While at the same amount you can get an HDD with a huge capacity.

How Much Storage Would Be Fine?

It depends on your setup and your playing style. You can go for at least 1TB HDD as it will give you much more storage and keep your system running smoothly. However, if your device has an SSD then things might get a bit harder to decide.

The main reason for the problem is the price of the SSD. Since they are quite expensive you can go for 512GB initially and then expand its capacity according to your own comfort. Most gaming laptops have an option for installing both devices.

I highly recommend installing both devices, You can keep your operating system in SSD for faster boot-up speed and HDD for other activities.

How to Select the Appropriate Ram

RAM is another essential component that determines the speed of your gaming laptop. If you are looking for a good gaming laptop in India then you will have to pick your RAM wisely. Most laptops come with 8GB RAM which is a pretty standard size.

Gaming Laptop Ram

Now 8GB RAM is enough for running a lot of games on medium and high settings. However, if you want to push the game a bit further then you need more volatile memory. More RAM will help your device to run smoothly and handle multiple tasks without any issue.

Single Slot Vs 2 Slots RAM

Another thing that confuses most newbies whether to go for a single channel or dual-channel RAM. As a general rule of thumb dual channel ram is much better than a single channel. However, there is a pitfall that you need to avoid at all costs.

If you are looking for a gaming laptop in India make sure it has at least 8GB of RAM. In addition to this also make sure that the RAM is installed in a single slot. This will prove helpful if you want to go for upgrades in the future. The other extra slot will allow you to add 8GB and make it up to 16GBs in total.

Another benefit of using dual channel ram is that the two different rams double the amount of bandwidth. As these devices are running simultaneously you will find a drastic improvement in your computer’s performance.

Keyboard and Trackpad

Keyboard and mouse may seem optional but they are quite important. There are different variations of keyboards on laptops. Now gaming laptops mostly come with full keyboards including full num pads but some laptops may not have the num pads.

You should double-check your requirements before buying a laptop. Another important thing that you need to consider is the lighting conditions. Most laptops come with backlit keyboards which are quite easy to read even in low lighting conditions.

However, keyboards with very bright and fancy lights may also affect the battery life of your device. You should plan that accordingly because battery life is also quite important for your laptop.


The charging system is also very important for gaming laptops. There is newer technology available and continuously coming out almost every year. Nowadays there are fast charging laptops that offer extremely efficient charging. If your laptop supports the fast charging then it will most probably have the latest Thunderbolt-C system integrated into it.

Such a system is quite amazing in both smartphones and laptops. It allows for efficient charging as well as a power maintenance system.

Additional GPU Features You May Look for (optional)

After taking a look at the main features of the GPU you can select the best gaming laptop in India for yourself. However, if you like to be a bit geekier then there are some additional terms that you may want to know. These are as follow:

Pixel shader

The pixel shader is an advanced feature in GPUs that calculates the effect on the pixels. To explain this term in the simplest way here is an example for you. Imagine your system has 2 million pixels it will take a humongous amount of time to render that many pixels. Now every laptop for gaming in Inda may be able to withstand that much computational load either.

Pixel shader takes off that computational load and process these pixels without being a burden on your laptop’s CPU.


Another important term that you need to be aware of is the G- sync. Now you might have already seen the Vsync option in so many games. However, Gsync is a different term. It is a technology that is powered by NVIDIA devices. The main purpose of Gsync is to reduce the frames mismatch and avoid screen tearing.


In contrast to NVIDIA, the AMD uses its version of Gsync but they call it the free sync. It synchronizes the frames of your monitor and hardware to minimize the screen tearing during graphics-intensive games.


In the above list, we saw some of the best gaming laptops in India. I have listed them after doing in-depth research. However, if you cannot select your computer until now, I would recommend going for the Asus TUF gaming F505DT because of its features. It will give you its maximum output and ultimate performance in anything you want to do.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. If you feel a need to ask something, please let me know in the comments below. I will try my best to help you out.