Pandemic vs Epidemic

WHO has declared Coronavirus (Covid-19) a global pandemic. What does this means and how it is different from an Epidemic?

Coronavirus Pandemic vs Epidemic Covid-19

The conclusion to announce COVID-19 a pandemic was a outcome of the fast rate in which it is spreading, as stated by the WHO. But what is the difference? Let’s talk about the primary difference between a pandemic vs epidemic.

What is an Epidemic?

An epidemic is an existence of a disease that advances & spreads rapidly and has an affect on many people simultaneously. An outbreak takes place when you will find there’s unexpected surge in the number of instances of a disease. It usually explains an expansion that has not been predicted or expected. An outbreak can happen inside a local community, geographical area or several countries or continents.

The term, Epidemic is used generally to explain any issue which has evolved and is uncontrollable. During an epidemic, the disease, sickness or infection, which is rapidly and actively growing.

What is an Pandemic?

A pandemic is a kind of epidemic that is geographically spread and relates to a disease which has spread across the whole country, whole continent or the enitre world.

An epidemic turns into a pandemic in the event it spreads throughout considerable geographical regions and has an affect on a substantial proportion of the population.

In a nutshell, a pandemic is really an epidemic over a domestic or international level.

How Pandemic is different?

  • It Impacts a bigger geographical area, usually globally.
  • It Infects a more substantial number of individuals.
  • It is usually the result of a new virus or even a new strain of virus which has not necessarily spread in people for over a longer period.
  • Individuals have less to no immunity or resistance to the virus and also it propagates rapidly.
  • Leads to a lot more fatalities.
  • It typically results in social interruption and economical damages & losses.
  • Pandemic and epidemic terms are never used to suggest the seriousness of the disease, but precisely the rate or pace it is spreading.

When a Pandemic is declared?

An epidemic is declared as pandemic when it starst spreading at a faster rate and started affecting globally requiring intervention, support and help of domestic & global health agencies like WHO (World Health Organization) to address and repond to the situation at the higher level.

It also illustrates the importance and utmost need of countries & national coming, working together to control the pandemic as it has become a global disease. Above everything else, announcing as Pandemic tends to raise the awareness and improved and effective methods of controlling it.

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic Status

Because of the really fast pace Coronavirus or COVID-19 is spreading globbaly, it’s declared as a Pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO).

The World Health Organization declares COVID-19 to become a manageable pandemic and is constantly providing suggestions and informations regarding preventive methods and the ways to halt the spreading of the disease.

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